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New m-Power interface makes web app development more intuitive

EducationIf you’re looking for an intuitive way to develop enterprise web applications (without programming), here’s some news you’ll love: We just released a brand new m-Power user interface, and it’s the most intuitive one yet! You can find more information about it below, or–if you just want to try it for yourself–feel free to sign up for a free Trial.

m-Power's re-designed interface
m-Power’s re-designed interface
Why did we rebuild the m-Power interface? Because we realize that web application development is evolving. As I explained in this article, new trends have emerged that will forever change the world of web application development software. Two of the most important of these changes include:

  • There is no “typical” user: In the past, software developers designed their interfaces around the idea of a typical user—someone working on a PC or laptop and using one of a few web browsers. With the rise of mobile devices, the idea of a “typical” user has vanished. These days, users can access web applications on a variety of devices (PCs/tablets/smartphones) using many different browsers, and this trend is only advancing.
  • Users expect simplicity: With the rise of mobile apps, user expectations have changed. Users now expect simple, intuitive interfaces and are more likely to abandon an application if they find it confusing or unclear. Modern web applications must become simpler and more intuitive to keep pace with user expectations.

With that in mind, we rebuilt m-Power’s interface with an emphasis on two critical areas:

  1. Responsive design: m-Power’s new interface is responsive, meaning that it automatically recognizes and adapts to the user’s device. It understands when a user accesses m-Power on a smartphone or tablet, and adjusts the layout for optimal usability.
  2. Ease of use: Designed with simplicity in mind, m-Power’s new interface further simplifies web application development without sacrificing any of m-Power’s capabilities. Besides a cleaner look and feel, m-Power’s new interface offers a number of new features to promote ease of use, such as:
    • Guided build-process
      m-Power’s build process now includes a step-by-step navigation bar that guides users through the entire build process. It understands the user’s progress in the build process, and enables/disables options accordingly. The image below illustrates one of the build process screens found in the new interface, complete with the step-by-step guided navigation.
    • m-Power's build process navigation bar guides users through the build process
      m-Power’s build process navigation bar guides users through the build process
    • Slide-up help on every page
      To help users avoid confusion, m-Power’s new interface includes a slide-up help box that delivers FAQs and additional information specific to each page. Rather than simply directing users to a broad support area, we created a custom help section for every screen in m-Power.
    • On-screen tour
      When users first access the new m-Power interface, they are greeted with an on-screen m-Power tour. As illustrated below, the new tour introduces the user to m-Power, and guides them through a sample build process.
    • The m-Power Tour welcomes first time users, and provides an on-screen guided tour through m-Power.
      The m-Power Tour welcomes first time users, and provides an on-screen guided tour through m-Power.

If you’d like to try the new m-Power interface for yourself, check out the free m-Power Trial. It will guide you through the creation of a web application (all without programming), and the whole process should only take a few minutes.