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How to make your spreadsheet data 100x more useful

EducationDoes your company rely heavily on spreadsheets? Would you like to learn how to better secure your spreadsheet data and make it 100x more useful to your business?

How? It’s simple. Move it to a database. Before I show you how, let me explain why this is so important. Moving your spreadsheet data to a database helps in a few specific ways:

1. It gives you better control over your data

In a spreadsheet, you can’t control which users access and edit the data, or who emails it to whom. In a database, you control which users have access to which applications. You can even add multi-tenancy to applications you create over that data, which means different users could access the same application and each will only see the data they are meant to see.

2. It makes your data more accessible

Accessibility is limited with a spreadsheet. If you need to work on a spreadsheet at home, but it’s only on your computer at work…you’re out of luck. When placed in a database, you can create web applications over that data which are accessible from anywhere–even mobile devices!

3. It makes your data 100x more useful

When confined to a spreadsheet, your data’s usefulness is limited. Sure, you can create some graphs and charts. You could even add some fancy calculations. But, when placed in a database, you can do almost anything with your data. You can create any type of application over it, like pivot tables, interactive reports, dashboards, order entry applications, workflow applications, B2B portals, mobile apps, and much more. You could even create apps with event-triggered messaging, embedded maps, or integration with other web services.

The big question: How can you put your spreadsheet data into a database? We’ve created a video that walks you through the entire process–from creating a database table to building an application over the top of it. All that in under 4 minutes.