Weekly Recap: Top mega-trends of the next decade, things big data won’t do, and more

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn about few misconceptions surrounding big data, how enterprise collaboration is being transformed, a few “mega-trends” that will affect your business in the next decade, and more.

Why mobility managers deserve a seat at the table
Technology and workforce trends, BYOD, remote working, and the explosion of devices and platforms are magnifying the need for a strategic mobility plan. Smart companies are onto this — and will soon have higher productivity and profits to show for it.

Gartner Tells IT Executives How to Enable Enterprise Collaboration
According to Gartner, enterprise collaboration is being transformed by the nexus of mobile, social, cloud and data. While the hurdles to success may be daunting, they’re encouraging businesses to not be shy about experimenting with newer tools and resources.

10 things you shouldn’t expect big data to do
Just as it is with Business Intelligence, big data is surrounded by misconceptions. Many business leaders have embraced big data initiatives expecting miracles, only to discover that big data introduces new complexities — and that reaping the benefits requires a lot more effort than they anticipated.

10 mega tech trends that will shape the next decade
Frost and Sullivan recently completed an analysis titled, “World’s Top Global Mega Trends To 2025 and Implications to Business, Society and Cultures.” These revolutionary changes equate to great opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses, particularly in the coming mobile advancements and the rise of data.

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