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Weekly Recap: 9 rules for the developer-ization of IT, insecure mobile apps, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn a disturbing fact about mobile security (and how it puts your business at risk), a unique way to drive internal productivity, and more.

Gartner: Most mobile apps fail security tests
Here’s a scary finding: According to the research firm, Gartner, most mobile apps will fail even the most basic security tests. Why is this a problem? As employees bring their devices into the workplace, they bring these insecure apps along with them. How can you stay safe? Here’s a good article full of security tips for mobile users.

BYOA: 4 steps for CIO success
As more technically-minded employees enter the workplace, CIOs and IT Leaders must take a bold step to drive internal productivity and innovation. They should encourage individuals in their organizations to build their own applications. While the article explains the benefits and steps businesses must take, success boils down to one key point: They must provide employees with the tools they need to develop apps, while still controlling the data.

9 rules for the developer-ization of IT
Do you want to drive innovation and boost your organization? Focus on making the lives of your developers easier, so they can innovate and create business apps that deliver value. How? Here are 9 great ways to improve your developer’s productivity.

When it Comes to a Mobile Strategy, Don’t Be Paralyzed
Mobile is the future, and businesses have no choice but to adapt. Preparing for mobile boils down to one thing–something which most organizations aren’t doing.