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Weekly Recap: How the cloud changes development, big data in small business, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn why small businesses should care about big data, why businesses are switching from native development to mobile web development, and more.

Does big data have a place in small business?
Should companies who don’t generate massive data sets still care about big data? Yes! As explained in this article, big data is readily available to any business–even small companies.

Half of CFOs lack real-time data for key decisions
According to recent research, nearly half (46%) of CFOs rely on “gut feel” and instinct to make business decisions in lieu of fast access to accurate internal data, a practice that can delay decision making, introduce errors and erode profitability. How can you gain real-time access to your business data?

Report: Swing from Native Development to Web in Mobile Arena
Research from Forrester finds that many firms are turning to mobile Web app development tools at the expense of native approaches. Why? They’re recognizing the fact that native apps are often the wrong choice for business.

How the cloud changes application development
The cloud provides companies with more flexibility in deploying and managing applications. But building cloud solutions is different than traditional development, and businesses need to take that into account as they move forward with their deployments.