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Weekly Recap: How to find big data talent, why small businesses need a dashboard, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn how the skills gap affects Big Data (and what you can do about it), ways to achieve true application modernization, and more.

Big Data Talent: 6 ways to snag the best
Many companies are looking for big data skills across the board, but the shortage of talent is becoming a major hurdle. How can you find the best big data talent? Here’s another option: Attend this webinar and learn how to capitalize on big data with your current skills.

Why small businesses need a BI dashboard
Dashboards let anyone in the company access business performance metrics. This data helps them direct their behavior and efforts to achieve better results. But, be careful: Not all dashboards are created equal. Learn which features to look for when choosing a business dashboard.

Legacy application modernization takes careful thought
As IT organizations undergo legacy application modernization projects, they must understand what approach they want to take and what they are trying to achieve. Although plenty of tools are available, few of them result in a modernized application. To learn more about modernization approaches, here’s a free guide that we put together.

Which web application security best practice really matters?
Organizations want to build more secure Web applications, but they are having trouble identifying development best practices that really make a difference. What are the top security risks facing web applications today, and how can you address them?