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Weekly Recap: 12 major mistakes companies make with big data, the growing demands of mobile app development, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn common Big Data mistakes, why effective Business Intelligence requires good oversight, and more.

Good business intelligence needs good parenting
How do organizations get the ‘best data’ into their user’s hands? BI has to replicate the roles of parents and children. The central unit – the parent – governs the rules, and all departments – the children – are signed up to the same data.

12 major mistakes companies make with big data
Big corporations and small startups alike are making a big deal out of analyzing big data. But are they looking for the right results? What mistakes do they make, and how can businesses capitalize on big data?

Leveraging data visualization for greater insights
As the influx of data continues to consume organizations, businesses are overwhelmed at sorting through it all to gain effective insights. What’s the answer? This article explains how data visualization can help.

Enterprises unable to meet demands of mobile app development
A recent study has revealed that, although demand for enterprise mobile apps is increasing rapidly, organizations cannot keep up with the demand of producing them in-house. They say that budget and resourcing limitations, skills gaps, legacy infrastructure, overall technology fragmentation and immature lifecycle workflows are holding them back. What’s the answer? How can you deliver mobile apps using your current skills?