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Month: July 2015

5 hurdles to Hadoop adoption (and how to fix them)

EducationSummary: Hadoop has emerged as somewhat of a “poster child” for the Big Data movement. Its ability to store and process massive amounts of data on commodity hardware has caught the eye of many businesses. But, while Hadoop holds massive potential for your business, it’s not without challenges. If you plan on adopting Hadoop in the near future, here are some hurdles you must address.

Financial reporting demo: Get instant visibility into your business

EducationSummary: Is financial reporting a time-consuming task? Do you spend hours (or days) gathering financial data, organizing it in spreadsheets, creating reports, and distributing everything to other business leaders? Or, would you like better visibility into your financial data? Check out this demo, and see how easy financial reporting can be.

7 (more) important IT trends of 2015 and beyond

EducationSummary: As technology evolves at an ever-increasing pace, it brings major changes to the IT department. In this era, the IT department moves from a back-office function to a true business partner. What trends are driving this change, and how must your IT department adapt? In this article, we examine 7 more trends to watch in the near future.

On-Demand Webinar: Run Your Legacy OLTP Applications on Hadoop

EducationSummary: Hadoop is one of the fastest growing technologies in the enterprise IT space. It helps businesses store and process massive amounts of data without purchasing expensive hardware. But, many organizations lack the skills necessary to leverage the power of Hadoop. Watch this on-demand webinar to understand how new technologies can help you move past this hurdle and build applications over Hadoop data—using the skills you already have in-house

Self-Service Business Intelligence 101: Understanding the Basics

EducationSummary: As data volumes explode, more and more businesses are realizing that traditional BI practices are less effective. We’re seeing a shift in Business Intelligence–away from an IT-driven process towards a self-service approach. But, while the need for self-service BI is growing, it’s still surrounded by a fair amount of confusion. The concept of “self-service BI” means widely different things to different people. In this article, we explain the basics of self-service, and the pros/cons it delivers to businesses.