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Weekly Recap: How the FTC Cybersecurity ruling affects CIOs, the changing BI landscape, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn what CIOs need to know about the recent FTC Cybersecurity ruling, the growing need for a “blended” approach to mobile, and more.

Is adaptive better than responsive design?
Responsive web design gets all the headlines, but is it the best approach for your web applications? The answer: Sometimes. The reality is, adaptive design works best in some cases, while responsive works best in others. It’s important that you take a flexible approach to your development, or find a development platform that lets you choose between both options.

New BI skills in, BI developers out
Traditional BI skills are becoming less valuable as new BI skills emerge. The growing trend for businesses: Bring in self-service tools, and train your users how to effectively create their own analytical applications.

Mobile + Web apps: It’s all about the blend
There was a time when many thought development was shifting over to the mobile side. But, a reality is becoming clear: Users aren’t abandoning the desktop. They’re using it alongside mobile devices. The goal for developers isn’t just mobile. It’s creating an experience that seamlessly works across many devices.

What CIOs Need to Know About the FTC Cybersecurity Ruling
Cybersecurity just became a little more important. In the event of a security breach, your company will not only face loss of reputation and revenue–you could now also face investigations and lawsuits from the FTC. What can you do to protect your data as security becomes increasingly important?