Weekly recap: BI trends for 2016, the dangers of legacy applications, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn why mobile technology is changing everything, why you can’t ignore legacy modernization, and more.

2015 State of Analytics – 20 key business findings
While businesses now have access to more data than ever before, data alone does not deliver insights. Analytics that are not shared and easily accessible across the entire organization will not optimize delivery of business outcomes and operational efficiencies.

Why mobile enterprise technology is changing everything for companies
About ten years ago, enterprise cloud technologies skyrocketed, giving businesses an unprecedented flexibility for managing operations and keeping their employees connected. Today, there’s a similar trend with mobile enterprise technologies as business leaders search for new ways to navigate the evolving digital economy and an increasingly mobile and remote workforce. How is mobile changing businesses, and how can it help you?

Are legacy applications a ticking time bomb?
Legacy applications are a fact of life for many businesses. But that doesn’t mean IT managers are happy about it. In a recent survey, most federal IT managers label legacy modernization as an “urgent priority.” Why? They understand the major business risks of legacy applications.

10 BI trends for 2016
2015 was a year of significant change in the world of business intelligence. More organisations opened up data to their employees, and more people came to see data as an important tool to get their work done. In the coming year, we can expect the growth of mobile BI, self-service analytics, and much more.

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