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The Modern CIO’s Trump Card

EducationSummary: As technology plays a larger role in all aspects of business, we’re entering a new era of enterprise IT. Yet, research finds that most CIOs are unprepared for these changes. How can CIOs balance the need for stability with the growing push towards innovation? Learn why more and more CIOs are opting for development platforms, and how they address modern challenges.

The modern Chief Information Officer (CIO) faces a daunting task. Gone are the days of simply supporting the business. Gone are the days of hard-to-use technology that’s controlled solely by the IT department.

These days, the expectations placed on the IT department are at an all time-high. CEOs and business executives now demand more business value from the IT department. Tech-savvy end users now bring personal devices and consumer applications into the workplace. All the while, technology continually evolves at a quickening pace.

These days, the modern CIO faces a growing list of challenges. For instance–while their challenges vary by company–most modern-day CIOs must:

  • Deliver solutions quickly
  • Modernize existing systems
  • Give end users self-service options
  • Address the BYOD trend
  • Future-proof their architecture
  • Bridge the skills gap
  • Adapt to a mobile world
  • Break out of the 80/20 spending trap

And that’s just the beginning. How can the modern CIO address every issue listed above, while maintaining their company’s existing technology? Here’s one option: The m-Power Development Platform. Described by the CIO of Farner-Bocken as, “Easily, the best technology investment I’ve made in my 20-plus year career,” the m-Power Platform will help you address every issue listed above (and more). If you’d like to learn how, we’ve put together a paper that explains everything in detail. You can find it here: m-Power: The Modern CIO’s Trump Card.