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Webinar Replay: Practical uses of Hadoop

EducationSummary: Many businesses assume they don’t have “big data.” But, they unknowingly generate (or have access to) large data sets that just go unused. Where is this data and how can your business capitalize on this untapped potential with Hadoop? To learn more, check out this free webinar replay.

Many businesses generate more data than they realize. From system data, to log data, to GPS data and everything in between, much of this data goes unused. It’s wasted.

How much untapped potential lies in this data? Would you like to learn how Hadoop can help you capitalize on this data?

To learn more, check out this webinar replay on “Practical uses of Hadoop.” In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn a few “hidden” sources of data they have (or can access)
  • Learn what types of data they can store in Hadoop
  • Walk through a demo application created from previously unused data (now stored in Hadoop)