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The 15-point reporting software checklist

EducationSummary: Enterprise data is growing faster than ever. To truly capitalize on this data, companies need web reporting software that lets them easily convert data into meaningful management information. But, with all of the available reporting options, what should you look for?

If you’ve ever searched for a reporting solution, you quickly learned one thing: There are a ton of options. How do you know which is right for your company? Or, taking a step back…what makes for good reporting software?

The answer to that question largely lies in your company’s needs. However, I do believe that all “enterprise-class” reporting solutions must have certain essential features. Today, I’d like to share a handy checklist that will help you understand what to look for in a good reporting solution.

Now, I’m not talking about vague features, like ease-of-use (everyone says that). Rather, this checklist focuses on very specific aspects of good reporting software–something I like to call “Yes/No” aspects. These are specific features that a reporting solution either has, or doesn’t have. You can ask the vendor, “Do you have_____?”, and they have to answer “Yes” or “No.” Simple as that.

Sounds good? You can download right here: mrc’s 15-point reporting checklist.