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On-Demand Webinar: Real-time analytics and self-service reporting across multiple devices

EducationSummary: While the importance of analytics is increasing, many businesses still struggle to give their employees access to the data and reports they need. Would you like to deliver real-time, self-service reporting to your business? Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how one company addressed this very problem.

As data volumes grow, the need for real-time data access across your entire organization becomes essential. Your ability to deliver the real-time data your users need (when and where they need it) becomes a competitive advantage.

The problem: Many businesses run on enterprise systems that don’t meet their reporting needs.

The fact is, reporting is one of the most common problems with enterprise systems (like ERPs). The system doesn’t offer the reporting options you need, or doesn’t output data in the way you’d like.

The result: You’re stuck outputting data into Excel, and manually creating your own reports. This process wastes time, creates data errors, and leads to a host of additional problems.

If you struggle with this problem, let me ask you a question: Would you like to deliver self-service reporting solutions to your users? Would you like to see how other businesses have solved this problem?

We recently held a joint webinar on this very topic. In the webinar, Andrew Gilbert, the Director of IT at Showplace Wood Products, explains how he:

  • Delivered real-time reporting over multiple platforms (Friedman ERP and Optimum HR)
  • Replaced Excel-extract reporting with web based self-service reports and web pivot tables
  • Delivered real-time data to employees via tablets

You can find the webinar replay below, along with links to the types of demo applications shared in the webinar.

The demo applications shared in the webinar are live applications running at Showplace Wood Products. As such, we cannot provide links to those applications. The demos listed below are similar to the applications shared in the webinar, and provide the same capabilities.

  • Web Pivot Table: This is the type of pivot table that was demonstrated in the webinar. Users can filter by multiple dimensions and view their data however they wish–eliminating the need to rely on the IT department for reporting.
  • KPI Dashhboard: This is the same dashboard type as Showplace demonstrated in the webinar. Users can select which charts to display, and control the look and feel of their dashboard.