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How to complete impossible projects with a small IT staff

ProductivityImagine this: You’re in charge of your company’s IT department. Everything is running smoothly, until one day, you get some bad news. Your competitors just rolled out features that you don’t have–in this case, a web-based order entry system.

Then you get some worse news: Several of your largest customers noticed your competition’s shiny new web-based order entry system. They are frustrated that you don’t have a similar option. All of a sudden, a web-based order entry system is a top business priority.

The only problem: Your 3-person IT staff has neither the time nor the resources for a project of this size.

Oh…and one more thing: The project must be completed yesterday.

So, what do you do? Rush out a half-baked solution? Overpay for a quick fix? Start looking for a new job?

Want to know the answer? This is actually a true story, and it has a happy ending. To find out how they fixed the problem, click here.