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The surprising benefits of custom ERP reporting

EducationSummary: ERP systems rarely provide a perfect fit for your company’s unique reporting needs. While this may seem like a minor problem, it leads to serious issues. These issues not only waste time, they can even halt business growth. Learn how one company created custom reporting over their ERP system–and the surprising benefits they saw as a result.

Let me ask you a question: Does your ERP system fit your company’s reporting needs? Can you easily create custom reports over your ERP data? If you’re like most companies, the answer is “no.”

Here’s a better question: How does this impact your business?

It sounds like such a small issue. But, it leads to major problems.

Like what? Here’s one example of a business dealing with this very issue. It not only wasted over 160 man-hours every week, it limited the amount of products they could physically produce.

Here’s the good part: Fixing this one problem delivered more benefits than they imagined. For instance, fixing their ERP reporting problem:

  • Created $75,000 in annual savings
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Eliminated 20 hours of manual data entry every week
  • and much more…

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