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5 Problems Solved by Web Development Platforms

EducationSummary: Do your development projects drag on for months? Are business users bypassing the IT department for third-party, cloud solutions? Or, is your aging software holding you back from modern technology? Learn how a web application development platform will help solve these problems.

As technology plays an increasingly important role, many businesses struggle to keep up. They face a growing number of problems, such as:

  • Slow application development is hindering their agility: They can’t create solutions the business requires fast enough.
  • Shadow IT is growing: End users are bypassing the IT department for simple, cloud-based solutions.
  • Legacy applications are holding them back: They can’t move forward with their legacy systems, but upgrading or replacing these systems or applications is too risky or expensive.
  • The IT skills gap is widening. Web application development requires an ever-evolving skillset, yet many companies can’t afford to bring in developers with modern skills.
  • Mobile usage is exploding: Still catching up to the web, many companies aren’t prepared to capitalize on the growing mobile trend.

How can a web application development platform solve these issues?

So, what’s the answer? As these problems mount, more businesses turn to web application development platforms to bring their companies up to speed. Web application development platforms help these companies:

  • Improve development speed. Development platforms reduce development time by 50 – 80%, helping IT departments keep up with the business and tackle development projects they otherwise couldn’t handle.
  • Let users create the solutions they require. Development platforms let business users create their own self-service applications (reports, BI apps, mobile apps, etc…), while giving the IT department complete control over data and user access.
  • Augment their existing software with new features. Web application development platforms let businesses build new web applications that integrate with their existing systems–giving them a way to customize their existing software without replacing it.
  • Bring new skills to current staff. Rather than hire new employees with modern skills, web application development platforms bring modern skills to their current staff.
  • Build applications that work across all devices. Modern web application development platforms create web apps that automatically adapt to the device on which it’s accessed–from PCs to tablets to smartphones.

Demo of a web application development platform

To learn more about web application development platforms, watch the video below. If you’d like to try a web application development platform for yourself, check out the free 30-day trial of m-Power. It will introduce you to the interface and walk you through the process of building a web (and mobile web) app. Of course, if you have any questions, just let us know.

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  1. Web Development has made an amazing progress since the first of seven web improvement activities has been sown. Because of the courage shown in the website design masters who have been trying and attempted a wide range of web development in the previous couple of years.

  2. I agree with you, web development is the most important platform to solve problems of websites. Web development helps in the growth of a company. So it is necessary to Improve development speed.

  3. No doubt, M-Power is an excellent technology for developing the robust enterprise web applications without programming. It is the nearest possibility that preponderance of the web design businesses around the globe like will rely on such web development platforms.

  4. Exactly, while building a web application we use to face a lot of problems in the development if the developer is unaware. A developer should have an idea that this application can be easy to customize or to upgrade to their future trends and the coding should be in such a standard. Also, they need to understand the scope of this application completely before starting the development. So that they can avoid the delay process.

  5. Good Info, Joe. I totally agree with your point on Mobile usage growth. According to latest data, It has the top value of about 55.79% defeating desktop usage. Web App development solves this issue in a very responsive way. Thanks for creating awareness about Web App Development.

  6. Nice efforts Joe, I agree with you building a platform which works well on all devices is very important today days. And mostly all the web development platforms have these features by default. I haven’t try m-power yet but give a try for sure.

  7. Yes, Web development is a big role in every company and it helps to grow the company. Great information you have shared and thank you so much.

  8. This is excellent explanation in terms of problem solved by web development and worth reading

  9. The pandemic forced the whole world to reconsider its views on how everything around us works. People are forced to stay at home and this is a great option to study remotely. Such applications are very important so that people do not get bored and develop even in such a difficult time as now.

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