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How to create a shopping cart application in 1 hour

EducationSummary: The m-Power Development Platform is a low-code development platform that lets you create enterprise-class web applications without coding. This video takes you on a deep dive into m-Power’s build process, walking you through a start-to-finish shopping cart development project in just 1 hour.

We live in an era of inflated promises, especially in the world of business software. Software vendors make grand claims about their products, many of which aren’t exactly true.

The result: We’re more skeptical than ever.

That’s why I prefer to take a “tell-and-show” approach. Sure, I can tell you that our low-code software improves development time by 80%. I can tell you that it creates web applications without coding. But, I’d rather show you.

Our consultants have put together a few videos with this goal in mind. They walk you through a start-to-finish development project and explain every step along the way. We’re not talking about simple demo projects here–these are full-fledged business applications. The goal: Demonstrate m-Power’s capabilities, and show people just how quickly it creates web applications.

Today, we’re focusing on a shopping cart application. In this video, one of our consultants walks you through a custom shopping cart project. The end result: Customers will be able to securely browse a product catalog, add items to their cart, and checkout. Once they submit an order, they’ll receive an email confirmation and receipt for their purchase.

This video walks you through the project from start to finish, and explains each step along the way. You can watch the entire process below. Want to see m-Power build a demo application over your data? Complete this short form to set up a demo.

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  1. Thank you very much for this article, it has very useful information, however I think you should take into account the risks and security issues when developing applications.

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