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The fastest low-code platform just got faster

developmentI’m happy to announce that we’ve recently released a revamped front-end for our m-Power Development Platform! The result: Improved speed and usability. For those unfamiliar, m-Power is a low-code application development platform that lets anyone build enterprise web applications without coding. It creates all types of custom web applications such as report-writing, BI, executive dashboards, e-commerce, customer portals, and mobile applications to name a few.

With this release, we redesigned and rebuilt m-Power’s front-end from the ground up. The main goals of the project: Improve speed, keep pace with current trends, and incorporate new technologies into the interface.

The results: With a revamped front-end, m-Power is now the fastest low-code platform available today. How so? With this latest release, m-Power received a speed boost on several levels:

Build process improvements

Known for its 4-step build process, m-Power already offered fast development speed. This enhancement further simplifies the build process with a more streamlined interface and a new application specs panel.

Designed for reference and simple navigation, the application specs panel updates in real-time during the build process. It helps users keep track of their progress and navigate to any part of the build process with one click. Overall, the application specs panel helps users build and update applications more efficiently.

m-Power’s application specs panel (on the left)

Interface speed

Built with Vue.js, m-Power’s new interface is blazing fast. Build process screens now load instantly, without refreshing the browser. This reduces build process time and delivers a better user experience.

Data models

This enhancement introduces data models to m-Power. Data models are re-usable data sets that further simplify the build process. Rather than customize a new data set during every build process, users can now create reusable data models and use them across any application.

Most importantly, data models further simplify the build process for m-Power users. When using a data model, they can create an application in just two steps.

Interface improvements

This enhancement brings many interface improvements, designed to streamline the user experience. Some of the most important changes include:

  • A new administration layout: With m-Power’s new admin area, users can access admin options without ever leaving their current workflow. The admin panel is available on every screen, which means users can adjust key settings without navigating away from their current task.
  • Application history bar: The new application history bar displays a list of recently modified applications and key m-Power functions. It lets users dive into recently modified applications with a single click, or start a new build process.
  • Built-in Data Explorer and dashboarding: m-Power’s Data Explorer previously operated as a separate software product. With this latest enhancement, the Data Explorer is now baked into m-Power.
  • m-Power’s Data Explorer
    m-Power’s Data Explorer

Using the Data Explorer, m-Power developers can quickly analyze their data models on the fly. It helps users create reports, data lookups, visualizations, pivot tables, and dashboards in minutes. Once created, users can share their results with others or save them for future use. Overall, the Data Explorer gives users a way to explore their data models instantly.

Learn more

Want to check out m-Power’s new interface? If you’re a customer, you can download the update in the customer portal. If you’re not a customer, fill out this short form to set up a demo!