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Top Business Process Automation Trends for 2022

trends** This guest post was written by Jason Richardson. Learn more about Jason in the author bio at the end of this post. **
WorkflowCOVID-19, digital transformation, and rising global competition are just a few of the reasons why planning for the next financial year is essential to your company’s success. Business process management (BPM) is an excellent framework for understanding how your company operates today and, more importantly, how you may improve it in the future. BPA’s rapid growth will significantly speed up as we approach 2022.

Organizations will place a greater emphasis on implementing specific BPA solutions to boost efficiency and profitability in key areas. New BPA trends will develop in 2022 as they have in past years. We’ve compiled a list of some of the anticipated BPA trends to keep an eye on in the coming year.

Top Business Process Automation Trends in 2022:

  • Process management will make an important contribution to “net zero
  • Collaborative design will be a decisive success factor for your process initiatives
  • Automation will emerge as an enabler of employee growth
  • AI-powered BPA will transform the way organizations work
  • Process excellence is recognized as the foundation for agile enterprises:

1. Process management will make an important contribution to “net zero.”

Companies are under growing public pressure to decrease their environmental footprint dramatically. This has a significant impact on business operations in many industries. Daniel Foley, Marketing Specialist from Scooter. Guide. adds: “Process professionals are becoming key participants in the change to a sustainable operating model as CEOs increasingly turn to them. This also means that, in the future, process improvement initiatives will be judged not only on their revenue and profit margins but also on their carbon footprint.”

2. Collaborative design will be a decisive success factor for your process initiatives

If your company’s process landscape is built to adapt to changing customer and market demands, you’ll have a better chance of long-term success. As a result, one of the main BPM trends for 2022 is for businesses to prioritize employee participation in process collaboration. Mistakes can be costly if this important group is not involved in process changes from the start. Consider the consequences of misplaced transformation efforts or a failure to properly identify local inefficiencies.

“Companies all over the world should focus on incorporating employees in all process activities in 2022. This trend can be implemented by curating process-related content for various audiences inside an organization.” Says James Crabtree, Director of Complete White Label.

3. Automation will emerge as an enabler of employee growth

There has been a lot of talk about the future of work and automation for decades. Employees have feared automation for years, believing it has arrived to steal jobs and replace humans. Various studies, however, show that such assumptions are incorrect. Despite the obvious advantages of automation, robots will never completely replace humans in the workplace.

Sep Niakan, Managing Broker of Condoblackbook adds: “I believe that Employees will finally be able to overcome years of mistrust with the widespread use of automation across all sectors in 2022. Automation will become a catalyst for employee development and job happiness. It will allow humans to move into more strategic roles, where their skills and expertise can be put to work to help the company flourish.”

4. AI-powered BPA will transform the way organizations work

In 2022, established process improvement platforms will merge and be challenged by new AI-led entrants; investment to address global workforce shortages will be prioritized, and businesses will adopt an automation fabric to power extreme innovation in order to face the future head-on.

According to Dustin Porreca, SEO Manager at Elevate Demand: “Different tools, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Digital Process Automation (DPA), will be combined in the near future to boost the power of BPA. BPA enabled by AI will expand the scope of automation, revolutionize digital workflows, boost productivity, and speed up delivery times. It will allow businesses to accomplish more with less.”

5. Process excellence is recognized as the foundation for agile enterprises

Companies all over the world have been under increasing pressure in recent years. Only those who were able to quickly adjust to changing customer and market demands were able to effectively respond to the ‘new normal’ brought in by the worldwide response to COVID-19. One of the most well-known examples from this period was the shortage of toilet paper on store shelves at the start of the pandemic; a condition that certain parts of the world are still dealing with, even after several years.

“Companies must recognize that process optimization is the foundation for rapid adaptability in order to survive in this environment in the long run. It will help your organization in easily adapting operations to new situations, promptly translating insights into business improvements, and substantially reducing product time to market. In 2022, process excellence will be the most significant aspect of your company’s agility.” Says Harry Hughes, CEO, and Co-founder at

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