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POWERCast Webinar Replay: Db2 Web Query Alternative – See m-Power in Action

With IBM pulling the plug on Db2 Web Query, many customers are stuck looking for alternatives. While IBM states there is “no direct replacement for IBM Db2 Web Query for i,” there are options.

In this joint webinar with the COMMON User Group, we’ll take you through a live demo of one such alternative: The m-Power Development Platform. m-Power offers all of the reporting and BI capabilities of Db2 Web Query, and a whole lot more! In this webinar, you will:

  • Get introduced to m-Power’s reporting capabilities.
  • Watch m-Power build reports from start to finish.
  • See how easily you can set up scheduled reporting, security, portals, dashboards, and more.

Watch the webinar replay to learn how m-Power can replace what you’re doing with Web Query, and also deliver new capabilities! You can find the webinar replay here: Webinar Replay: Db2 Web Query Alternative – See m-Power in Action.