m-Power Customer Newsletter

We love keeping our customers "in the know" about new product enhancement and features. Follow along here to see about m-Power enhancements.

January 2021 Newsletter

As you may recall, in August of 2020 I introduced you to our latest project — a redesigned m-Power interface. It was a big project — over 2 years in the making. We took feedback from many of you about what you liked, and didn’t like about m-Power. We then worked through those notes to find the following themes for improvement:

  • Too much extraneous navigation, which leads to getting lost in the platform.
  • Interface could be faster, developers didn’t like waiting to jump from screen to screen.
  • Adding common m-Painter functionality directly into the interface.

At the time of our last newsletter, we began offering these changes for anyone interested as our “release candidate” m-Power update. As you know, m-Power customers have the option of two separate update processes — a “stable release” and a “release candidate.” The release candidate is approximately 4-6 months ahead of the stable release and it allows customers to be early adopters of the latest changes available.

We’ve had many customers take the release candidate and have been pleased with what we’ve delivered. Our early adopters found some minor issues and offered suggestions for further improvement. In both cases, we’ve taken the advice and guidance from our early adopters and have made further improved m-Power. Based on this progress, I am excited to share with you that these changes are now available within our stable release. Customers who are interested in downloading this update are reminded that they need to be using an embedded database and can download the update via the customer portal. While in the customer portal, I would encourage you to check out our e-Learning Portal, where you can walk through videos and exercises to acclimate yourself to the new interface.

If you missed our previous Webinar, you can watch a replay of it via the link below: