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Summer 2022 Release Candidate

This newsletter highlights some of the noteworthy features that are included in our Summer 2022 release candidate for the m-Power Development Platform.

Table of Contents

Here’s the list of enhancements included in this update. Click any one of them to skip to that section.

  1. Redesigned Promote to Production
  2. Single Sign-on (SSO) with OAuth2/OpenID/SAML
  3. Signature Capture
  4. Notification Badges

Redesigned Promote to Production

First released several years ago, the Promote to Production utility was built to give developers the ability to promote their own apps without physical access to the server. Since its inception, this feature has been a workhorse of the m-Power platform. With use by nearly all of our clients, we have collected a long list of suggestions over the years as to how we could improve the UI/UX. We incorporated a significant amount of user feedback to give developers a smoother process to promote their applications. Additionally enhancements include knowing, and suggesting, dependent files that need to be promoted (such as the web.xml file) as well as tracking the last time a given application has been promoted. Finally, the UI has been improved and streamlined to better fit into the overall m-Power platform footprint.

More information about this feature can be found here: Promote to Production.

Single Sign-on (SSO) with OAuth2/OpenID/SAML

Over the past years, we at mrc have noticed a growing desire from our customers to give end-users the ability to automatically sign in to our applications based on a previous authorization into a 3rd party provider. As a general example, a user may have already signed into their MS Office 365 account and wishes to sign into m-Power directly/automatically based on that. This is the concept of Single Sign-on (SSO). m-Power can be configured to work with a variety of IdP (Identity providers) including Okta, WordPress, Azure, and more.

More information about this feature can be found here: Single Sign On.

Signature Capture

No matter what type of business you find yourself in, the concept of capturing and displaying signatures can be vital. From acknowledging receipt, to authorizing a workflow event, working with signatures can be an everyday event. m-Power now allows you to effortlessly capture and display these signatures throughout your applications.

More information about this feature can be found here: Signature Capture.

Notification Badges

In many applications, it is often desirable to display a numeric badge signaling to the user that a number of “something” exists that needs attention. This number could represent notifications, messages, or items in a shopping cart. While there are several ways currently to achieve this within m-Power, the Notification Badge enhancement streamlines this build process
into a built-in feature. Developers can place a badge-smartlink in an application or dictionary header to link to a retrieval. When the page loads, the smartlink will pre-query the retrieval for a total row count and display that count on the badge. Clicking on the badge will then link out to the retrieval for further details.

More information about this feature can be found here: Notification Badges.