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Embedded BI Development and Consulting Services

We believe that software should adapt to your business, not the other way around. Our consultants will work with you to fully understand your organization and your unique embedded BI needs. Then, we create custom solutions that perfectly fit your business and work the way you work. The best part: Because our consultants use the m-Power Development Platform, our embedded BI solutions are:

Built Quickly

We'll deliver custom reports, dashboards, and BI apps in days/weeks, up to 80% faster than traditional coders.

Built on Open Architecture

BI applications we create are built on open architecture using industry-standard code.


With no per-user or distribution fees, our applications scale easily across your business.

Easily Enhanced

Applications created by our consultants are free standing, and do not require m-Power for maintenance or enhancements.


We can include all types of security features like multi-tenant security, role-level security, application security, and more.


Our solutions give you complete platform flexibility. Deploy your BI apps on-premise or run them in the cloud.

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We were amazed that all of the FMS staff (non-technical and technical), were able to pick up on the reporting solution and push reports to clients within a matter of a few days after training.

Tim Laycock, VP of IT at FMS Solutions

Overall it's a big success. We have lots of information available now that just wasn't possible beforehand. It is so much more than a BI tool--you can write a whole new system with m-Power. Basically, we can deliver anything now.

Matt Craig, Senior Technical Specialist at IBP

The time saving for our senior management team is huge. They can’t break it, the solution is easy for them to use - they just log on and press buttons to get to see what they need.

Richard Johnson, Finance Director at Hutchinsons
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Case Study: FMS Solutions

Software vendor, FMS Solutions, needed to modernize the reporting tools that they distributed to clients. The challenge: Since most reporting solutions charge on a per-seat or per-user basis, even the most inexpensive option would get out of hand quickly due to the sheer quantity of clients who would be using it. Read this case study to learn how FMS avoided this problem (and modernized their reporting tools) with m-Power.


Delivered web-based reporting solution to their customers in just 3 months

Eliminated distribution fees

Both technical and non-technical staff can now create web reports

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Video: Watch one our consultants create custom BI/Reporting suite in under 2 hours

This video takes you on a deep dive into m-Power's build process, as we create a custom business intelligence/reporting suite from scratch. A project like this would easily take weeks using manual coding, but we complete the whole thing in under 2 hours. This video walks you through the project from start to finish, and explains each step along the way.

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Business Intelligence Demos

Check out these BI demos that were created with m-Power.

User-Defined Dashboard Demo
User-Defined Dashboard

The user-defined dashboard is a business dashboard that individual users control and customize.

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Web pivot table Demo
Web Pivot Table

Pivot tables are powerful interactive reports that let users view data from multiple perspectives.

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Interactive Report Demo
Interactive Report

An interactive report displays as much or as little data as the user desires, and lets users analyze the data however they wish.

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