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How to add commenting to your business applications

EducationCommenting is everywhere on the web, and it’s generally very useful. What do other people think about a product? Check the comments. How are others reacting to a news story or article? Check the comments.

We no longer have to wonder what other people think about a product, recipe, picture, or nearly anything else on the web. Commenting facilitates interaction and lets anyone share their thoughts and opinions with others.

However, while commenting is widely used around the web, it has largely skipped the world of business applications. That being said, I believe that commenting does have a place in business apps, and could actually be quite useful.

For example, allowing comments on a reporting app lets users share thoughts and trends with other users. Allowing comments in a customer extranet lets customers provide feedback on their purchased products or experiences with your company.

I could go on, but the point is this: There are all sorts of ways commenting can improve business apps, yet most business apps do not allow comments.

If you’d like to add commenting to your business apps, I have a great method for you. The great thing about this method: It takes an object-oriented approach. What does that mean? Set it up once, and you can use it in any app. No need to re-create the wheel every time.

We’ve written up a tutorial on adding commenting your business apps, which you can find right here.