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Is enterprise software slowing down your IT department?

Save TimeEvery year, honors the top 100 CIOs who drive innovation and business value within their companies. The theme among this year’s winners: Speed. CIOs that use IT to improve overall business speed.

I believe this is the future of IT departments. IT can no longer afford to make the business wait for solutions. If the business views IT as an impediment to progress, they’ll find another way. Rather, the modern-day IT department must make the entire business operate more efficiently.

Now, I realize that many CIOs and IT professionals recognize this fact…but feel it’s out of reach. Why? While the reasons vary, the most common reason is this: Their company is locked to outdated enterprise software. Adding new features to their enterprise software is anything but fast. Delivering new solutions that work with their enterprise applications is anything but easy.

How can IT departments in these companies drive innovation and speed up the company when they’re locked to outdated enterprise software?

Here’s one solution: Build web applications over the outdated enterprise software. It’s not about adding another piece of software to the mix, it’s about integrating open standards and new features with the technology the business already uses. It’s about making your existing software better.