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Still using spreadsheets? I have some bad news…

EducationSummary: If your company still relies heavily on spreadsheets, you’re missing out. You’re not only missing out on some key advantages that come with moving that data to a database, you’re missing one of the biggest tech revolutions since the rise of the internet.

If your company still relies heavily on spreadsheets, I have some bad news. Not only do you miss out on the advantages listed in this article, you miss out on the biggest tech revolution since the rise of the internet: Mobile.

The world is going mobile, and many companies are missing the boat. Even Intel’s CEO recently admitted that they missed out on smartphones and tablets…and they’re certainly not alone. Too many companies are standing still while mobile revolutionizes the business world.

Is your company one of them?

Well, do you still rely heavily on spreadsheets? Do you still use spreadsheets as multi-user or multi-department tools? If so, the answer is probably “yes.” Spreadsheets limit your data options, and keep you from taking full advantage of mobile.

How can you fix the problem? Move your spreadsheets to a database, and build web and mobile web applications over that data. Sound difficult? It’s actually quite simple. This video walks you through the process of uploading your spreadsheet data to a database and creating a web application over that data–in less than four minutes!

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  1. Right on! So much time is lost when data is not in a database. Not only are there multiple data entry issues, but also systems that need to be built to make sure the data is consistent across all of the different spreadsheets. Even if you can’t do it yourself higher someone that can.

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