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Weekly Recap: Real-time BI, easy database app development, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn about the growing need for real-time Business Intelligence, a few important aspects of modernization success, and more.

Wanted: Easy database app dev tools for the web
This article laments the idea that businesses lack good database app dev tools for the web. But, is that really true? If your business is looking for a powerful database application development tool, I suggest you check out m-Power.

The drive towards real-time Business Intelligence
Turning business intelligence into a real-time proposition is one key to unlocking digitalization. But what does real-time business intelligence really mean, and what does it entail? What else should you look for in a BI solution?

The four metrics of modernization success
Application modernization is about creating business value and finding the most effective pathway to get there. If you’re considering modernization, here are a few ways to accomplish the task.

Mobile app development often ignores security measures
Hackers are now taking advantage of the popularity of insecure mobile apps, public WiFi networks and more to break into the highly valuable data often housed on BYOD and corporate mobile devices. How can you improve security of your mobile apps?