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Webinar Replay: Essential elements of Good BI Software

EducationSummary: Despite having more options than ever before, businesses face a growing problem: With an ever-increasing number of BI vendors touting their own solutions and terminology, choosing a BI solution is now a confusing process. If you’re struggling with this problem, here’s an on-demand webinar that will help.

Did you know that 70% of BI projects fail? Or that BI user adoption rates sit at 24%?

Why? Why do so many BI projects fail?

While we’ve covered this topic in a previous article, here are a few of the most common issues:

  • Poor communication – There’s a disconnect between IT and the business users.
  • Data problems – The business has poor data integrity, or doesn’t know where all of their data is stored.
  • Lack of agility – The business chooses a BI platform that can’t adapt to changing business needs.
  • Bad tools – The business chooses a BI tool that confuses users, or doesn’t meet business needs.

Today, let’s focus on the last point–how to avoid bad BI tools. With all of the BI software available today, how can you choose one that best fits your company?

How do you know what areas to look for?

We recently held a webinar entitled “Essential Elements of Good BI Software,” which will help you answer those questions. To make it easier for you, we’ve broken the webinar up into 3 parts. You can start at the beginning, or skip to a section that interests you. I hope you find it useful!

Part 1: Why do BI projects fail?

In this part, we cover a quick history of BI and explain a few reasons why BI projects fail.

Part 2: Essential features of BI software

In this part, you’ll learn which capabilities, security options, and advanced features you should look for in BI software.

Part 3: Essential applications of BI software

This is an interactive video, highlighting the “must-have” application types that any BI tool should include. Click on one of the application types to watch a short demo video.