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Month: May 2015

The BI Roadmap (Part III): How to choose BI software

EducationSummary: Despite the growing need for analytics, most BI projects still fail. Why? In the first two parts of our BI Roadmap Series, we learned a few reasons why BI projects fail, and a few steps you can take to limit your risk. In this article, you’ll take the next step–exploring the key features and capabilities you need in BI software.

Webinar replay: Instant mobile solutions for existing systems

EducationSummary: As mobile usage continues to explode, businesses face a growing problem: They’re tied to legacy systems that pre-date smartphones. How can these businesses take advantage of the growing mobile trend without replacing their whole system? If you’re struggling with this problem, check out our on-demand webinar and learn how to bring instant mobile solutions to your existing systems.