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Weekly Recap: Analytics success stories, why mobile apps are the new face of business, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn about a few ways other businesses are using analytics to boost the bottom line, why mobile applications are becoming so important to business, and more.

10 analytics success stories in a nutshell
How can businesses use data to become more profitable? Here’s a great list that illustrates how industries are betting on data to improve and grow just about every aspect of the business. How can you use data to improve your business?

Why mobile apps are the new face of business
A new study finds that a poor mobile app experience would make users less likely to use a company’s products or services. How is your company addressing the need for mobile?

Hadoop: The tale of data storage to data processing
The expectations of CIOs around Hadoop are changing. They’re demanding more ROI from their data and saying goodbye to ‘experimentation.’ As Hadoop adoption continues to rise, companies are demanding more from the framework, most notably the ability to take action.

How to motivate and empower employees: Give them access to analytics
Executives are missing a huge opportunity to empower their employees with analytics. If you really want employee buy-in and loyalty, give them something that will enable them to feel a sense of ownership and participation in the company’s business strategy: Put analytics in the hands of every employee.