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Weekly Recap: Why data integration is a must, the key to mobile app development, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn why application security is still lacking year after year, how to approach mobile application development, and more.

BI Hidden in your ERP system
ERP software stores a host of crucial business intelligence, but many business users don’t seem to know it’s there. Organizations need Business Intelligence (BI) tools to tap into that rich pool of data, sitting in their ERP system. Why? It delivers increased visibility into what actually makes your business tick.

Why DevOps Fail at application security
As the pace of application development speeds up, how are enterprises ensuring those comprehensive security needs are being met? Despite the allocation of significant budget to the development of applications, and the continued pressure to release and update applications quickly, enterprises are still unable to secure their applications against attacks. Why does this keep happening year after year?

Do or die: Why data integration is a must
These days, the typical company has several programs, platforms and databases they use internally for everyday activities. With all of these systems–some in-house and others in the cloud–data integration is the only real solution for communication between all of your company’s apps. How can you tie everything together and deliver a clear view of your business?

‘User First’ not ‘Mobile First’ key to mobile app development
Mobile application development has been among the most in-demand IT skill for years now, and 2015 is no different. Yet, developers in most businesses are brand new to mobile app development. How can they build effective mobile apps that users want to use–despite lacking mobile development skills?