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Month: October 2015

4 big questions to ask before building a dashboard

EducationSummary: While a business dashboard will help you make sense of your data, not all dashboards are created equal. Some don’t deliver the expected results. Others are nothing more than charts on a page. How can you create an effective dashboard that improves your business? In this article, we explore a few questions you must consider before starting a dashboard project.

5 common ways businesses abuse spreadsheets

EducationSummary: Described as “the most dangerous software on the planet,” spreadsheets regularly take the blame for data errors and financial losses. But, are spreadsheets really to blame? The fact is, businesses regularly use spreadsheets in ways they were never intended to be used. This misuse runs rampant in businesses across the globe–leading to costly mistakes on a daily basis. Is your business guilty of abusing spreadsheets in the 5 ways outlined in this article?

Webinar Replay: Create custom reporting over your enterprise system

EducationSummary: Enterprise systems (like ERPs) pose something of a “Catch-22.” If you don’t customize the system, it won’t perfectly fit your needs. If you do customize it, you’re locked into that system. If you’re facing this challenge, check out this webinar replay and learn how one company delivered custom reporting over their ERP system–without altering the system at all.

5 reasons why businesses still struggle with application security

EducationSummary: As cyber attacks increase and become more sophisticated, businesses should be doubling down on their application security. Yet, application security still lags behind. Businesses are not only still developing unsecure applications, they’re building applications with widely-known vulnerabilities. Why is security still such a big problem, and how can you address it?

7 big mobile app challenges facing your business

EducationSummary: Recent studies find that custom mobile app development is finally picking up steam in the business world. Organizations have recognized that they must adapt their existing apps to mobile devices, and create applications for the employees and/or customers. The problem is, mobile app development is still uncharted territory. In this article, we explore the biggest challenges businesses must prepare for before venturing into the world of mobile apps.

How to create custom budgeting over your enterprise system

EducationSummary: Enterprise systems (like ERPs) rarely provide the budgeting capabilities to precisely fit your business. As a result, budgeting becomes a time-consuming, spreadsheet-driven process. Learn how one company solved this problem, automating their budgeting process and delivering custom budgeting applications to their executives on-demand.