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How to avoid ERP module fees

EducationSummary: While ERP systems include basic modules for running your business, they rarely include every feature you want. While the ERP vendor offers those features in the form of extra modules, these modules aren’t cheap. How can you integrate these features into your ERP system, without spending an arm and a leg on an expensive module?

Most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems come with a standard set of modules. For instance, a typical ERP system will include modules for areas like Finance, Inventory, Supply Chain, Sales, and more.

But, what happens when you need a module that isn’t included in your ERP package? You must purchase it separately, and integrate it with your system.

The problem: These modules aren’t cheap, with prices ranging from 5 – 6 figures. Oftentimes, a business wants the features offered by these extra modules, but just can’t fit that extra expense into their budget.

Here’s a question for you: What if you could add these features into your existing ERP system, without paying for an expensive module?

Here’s a company that accomplished this very feat. Facing a $75,000 fee for their ERP’s mobile module, they found a way to add custom mobile access to their ERP data, without purchasing the mobile module. To learn more, you can read the whole story right here.

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