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Weekly Recap: The business value of big data, pains of using legacy ERP systems, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn how to bridge the skills gap, why you should build mobile web apps before native mobile apps, and more.

Universities aren’t doing enough to fix the analytics talent drought
Analytics talent is in high demand, and universities need to do more if they’re going to fill the gap. This issue underlies a larger problem: Businesses in all industries face a talent gap. How can they bridge this gap, without spending an arm and a leg on new talent?

Proving the business value of big data
Just as organizations are getting more precise in their decision making through analytics, they must now get more precise in measuring ROI from big data investments. For others, they’re wondering if big data has value, even if they don’t generate terabytes of data.

8 reasons to prioritize a mobile site or web app over a native app
Do you build a mobile-friendly website or a mobile app? Clue: they’re not the same thing. Which do you build first? You build the one with the biggest reach, which works best with social media, ads, email, SMS and search. The mobile web app.

CIO feels the pain of an outdated, hard-to-use SAP ERP system
If you ask CFOs or finance managers what keeps them up at night when thinking about the financial functions of their current SAP ERP system, you’ll find the same answer: The pain of working with technology that’s outdated and software that’s hard to use. Do you face this issue? Here’s a recent case study that highlights how one company fixed this very problem.