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How to develop for mobile without all the extra work

EducationSummary: Mobile offers amazing potential to those businesses that capitalize on it. But…it comes with its own set of challenges. Mobile apps require new skills, more resources, and more effort. For some, the hurdles to mobile apps are just too high. How can they develop applications for every platform, using their current skills and resources? If you’re facing this problem, here’s a video you’ll want to check out.

The growth of mobile brings challenges to the modern business. Instead of creating applications that work on a PC, they must develop applications that work on any platform. But, some businesses struggle to develop for mobile using their current resources.

How can they capitalize on mobile without breaking the bank?

Many web designers and developers tout a “mobile first” development method. The concept is simple: Design your web pages and apps for mobile devices before designing them for the typical PC/laptop browser. The idea being, a page designed for mobile devices is also usable on a PC browser, but not the other way around. That way, you reach the rapidly growing number of smartphone users, as well as the existing PC users.

Now, it’s hard for a business to argue with the premise behind this idea. Smartphone and tablet use is exploding. We need to reach these users with mobile-specific interfaces…but at the same time, we can’t ignore the PC users.

While I agree with the basic idea, I think we must go a step further to properly reach all platforms. Rather than building for one platform (mobile), we must build a unique interface for each (smartphones/tablets/PCs). That way, a user always receives an interface tailored to the device they’re using.

Does that sound like a lot of extra work? It’s not. This video explains how to create separate interfaces for each platform without doing extra work:

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