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Month: May 2016

How to augment your ERP to fit your needs (without expensive customization)

EducationSummary: Enterprise systems pose something of a “Catch-22.” If you don’t customize the system, it won’t perfectly fit your needs. If you do customize it, you’re locked into that system. In this article, you’ll learn how to avoid these problems and customize your enterprise system without locking your company down.

5 important facts about digital transformation

EducationSummary: Digital transformation is a hot topic these days. But, while it’s a growing trend, it’s still surrounded by a lot of confusion. Not every business leader fully understands the benefits, risks, challenges, and realities about digital transformation. In this article, we’ve rounded up some important facts that every business leader should understand about the topic.

5 common problems that create a development bottleneck

EducationSummary: Many businesses face an application development bottleneck. Application development efforts can’t keep up with business demands. As a result, business users are often stuck waiting around for the applications they need. In this article, we’re looking for common problems that create this bottleneck, and ways to address them.

How to develop for mobile without all the extra work

EducationSummary: Mobile offers amazing potential to those businesses that capitalize on it. But…it comes with its own set of challenges. Mobile apps require new skills, more resources, and more effort. For some, the hurdles to mobile apps are just too high. How can they develop applications for every platform, using their current skills and resources? If you’re facing this problem, here’s a video you’ll want to check out.

6 facts you must understand about Shadow IT

EducationSummary: A growing trend, “Shadow IT” is a term used to describe IT solutions and systems created and applied inside companies without their authorization. But, while it impacts nearly every organization, not every business leader fully understands the topic. In this article, we uncover the important facts that every business leader should understand about Shadow IT.

6 ways to maximize the value of Business Intelligence

EducationSummary: The Business Intelligence playing field has leveled over the past few years. With the advancement of BI software, small businesses now have the same BI options as their larger counterparts. But, while everyone now has the same options, not everyone uses BI to its fullest potential. In this article, we explore a few reasons why this happens, and how to maximize BI’s value in your business.