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This 2-person IT staff might put larger IT staffs to shame

ProductivitySummary: Most IT departments are overworked and understaffed. There’s just not enough time to accomplish everything on their to-do list. Does that describe your IT department? If so, here’s a story that might inspire you–and show you how to accomplish more, using your current team.

What is your IT department’s biggest barrier to success? According to our 2015 survey, the most common answer was “time.” There’s just not enough time to address all of your company’s needs.

I’m not so sure. Now, I do understand that many people have more on their plate than they have time to handle. But, when you hear stories like the one below, it makes you wonder if the larger problem might be “inefficient use of time.”

I recently heard a true story about a 2-person IT staff that needed to replace their order entry system and modernize their internal green-screen interface. Both projects were big, both were urgent, and they couldn’t afford to bring in outside consultants for help.

What did they do? They completed both projects internally, faster than most larger IT departments ever could. To learn how they did it, you can read the whole story here.