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How to turn a spreadsheet into a web app in 3 minutes

EducationI’ve mentioned the dangers of spreadsheet misuse on many occasions, and explained why it’s so important to put that spreadsheet data into your database. However, I realized that I’ve never showed you how to turn your spreadsheets into database-driven web apps.

So, we created a video to do just that. The following video explains why you should convert your spreadsheets into web apps, and even shows you how it’s done. You might be surprised to learn just how simple this process is.

Note: This video is best viewed in 720p(HD) resolution at full screen. Click the “gear” icon below the video to change the resolution.

To learn more, please visit this page:

7 thoughts on “How to turn a spreadsheet into a web app in 3 minutes”

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  2. This depends on different factors:
    – Excel spreadsheet is complex (a lot of input/output/charts etc…) and has VBA
    – its size more than 5MB
    – You need integrations with other systems,
    – Your excel model is an asset and confidential that you need to protect and not share with end users
    – You need to deploy web app in your own servers or your own cloud
    – You need to keep using your excel model as the calculation engine in the backend instead of totally replacing it so you can change formulas at anytime

  3. You say: How to turn a spreadsheet into a web app in 3 minutes. Could the spreadsheets contain Macros VBA?

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