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Month: October 2019

How to build an application with a low-code development tool

developmentA growing trend, I’ve written quite a bit about low-code development recently. We’ve explored the low-code basics, the pros and cons of low-code, how to find the right platform, and more. However, I realized that I’ve never shown you how to create a web application with a low-code platform.

So, we created a video to do just that. The following video walks you through a start-to-finish process used to create an application with a low-code tool. You might be surprised to learn just how simple this process is.

Want to try it for yourself? Set up an m-Power Test Drive.

Note: This video is best viewed in 720p(HD) resolution at full screen. Click the “gear” icon below the video to change the resolution.

The Mobile App Comparison Chart: Hybrid vs. Native vs. Mobile Web (2019 Update)

mobileSummary: As mobile apps grow in the business world, companies face a problem: Misconceptions still surround mobile app development. Many businesses venture into mobile app development without truly understanding the difference between each approach. Others enter the mobile app world with false beliefs about the pros and cons of each method…that could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. To help clear up confusion, we’ve created a handy comparison chart to help you understand which mobile app approach is right for you.

7 business tasks you could (and should) be automating

developmentSummary: These days, every business wants new ways to improve productivity. For many, the answer lies right under their nose. While they may not realize it, they’re wasting hours of time every week completing manual tasks that could (and should) be automated. What common tasks should your business automate?