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How to create a custom, web-based scheduling calendar in 10 minutes

developmentLet’s be honest: There’s no shortage of web-based calendar tools these days. You’ll find dozens of off-the-shelf scheduling calendars that you can set up and deploy in your business.

The problem is, they’re all generic and every business is different. While these off-the-shelf scheduling applications might fit most of your needs, they won’t provide a perfect fit. They might do some things very well but lack key features in other areas.

But, what if you could create a custom scheduling application…faster than it takes to deploy a generic solution? What if you could create a data-driven, web-based calendar that was 100% tailored to your business…in 10 minutes? It’s possible, and we’ve created a video to show you how it’s done.

Want to try it for yourself? Set up an m-Power Test Drive.

2 thoughts on “How to create a custom, web-based scheduling calendar in 10 minutes”

  1. Congrats on app release, To my mind it doesn’t matter if there is a ton of similar apps. It is possible that new app will much much better! Besides there won’t be new apps at all if people stop optimizing existing one. I am also in the process of creating my app on react. Can’t share details now but I’m excited too!

  2. That’s really cool. I need the same app with task assigning options for my site. All the existing apps are either limited or very difficult to use.

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