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24/7 just got longer. How so . . .

EducationBefore the web gained popularity, businesses could only bring in revenue during normal business hours (usually from 9-5). Then the web came around and changed everything. With a web presence, businesses could bring in revenue 24/7.

Everything is changing again. With the rise of mobile, 24/7 just got longer.

How can 24 hours a day, 7 days a week be any longer? With the web, customers can purchase products at any time, but only from an internet-connected computer. How many hours do you sit in front of a computer each day? Maybe 8-10 hours (on the high end)? So, while your web site may be accessible 24/7, the actual “purchasing time” in a day (using an internet-connected computer) is only about a third of that (usually less on weekends).

Mobile changes everything. With the increase in web accessibility, the “purchasing hours” in a day are expanding. Consumers can now use their mobile devices to buy online at any time: Walking down the street, stopped at a red light, sitting in the park…..

Consider this: Just the other day, my wife mentioned that we were running low on some vitamins. Rather than put it on the shopping list, I quickly scanned the barcode with my phone, found the vitamins online, and bought them…all without leaving the kitchen.

Do you understand the increased importance of mobile to your business? With a mobile presence, you increase your customer’s ability to interact with and/or purchase from you. In essence, 24/7 is getting longer. Many years ago, the web changed everything for business. Mobile apps are doing the same thing right now.

The question is: What are you doing about it?

If your company is considering mobile apps, check out this page. It explains how businesses can build mobile apps quickly, all without programming.