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Month: May 2013

6 strategic development questions that many overlook

EducationI’ve noticed a lack of long-term, strategic thinking in the business application development world. Many businesses build applications for current needs, but ignore the future.

It usually goes something like this: A manager says, “I need an application that does X, Y, and Z. When can we have it?” The developers rush through the project, deliver the application, and everyone’s happy.

Or, at least they’re happy for a year or so. Then the business changes, technology advances, and new trends roll around. Now, the application must also support A, B, and C. But it can’t. It wasn’t built for change. It wasn’t built for the future.

Now what happens? They need new apps. All of the previous work is now wasted because they didn’t build the initial app with the future in mind.

That leads to the obvious question: “How do you build applications for the future?” How do you build applications that adapt to change?

The answer: It starts with asking the right questions from the get-go. Ask strategic, long-term questions before you build your applications. To give you an idea of what to ask, I’ve come up with a short list of strategic questions to consider before building a business web application. While I’m sure there are others, these are all key questions which will help you build applications that last:

How to create home screen icons for your mobile web apps

EducationDuring a recent conference, we spoke with one attendee who bemoaned the fact that mobile web apps don’t offer home screen icons (like native apps do). Our response: Of course they do! You just need to create the icon and put it in the correct location. It’s really no different than creating a native app icon. After all…regardless of application type, the developer must still create an icon.

Here’s the best part: Creating home screen icons for your mobile web apps is really easy! If you’d like to learn how, we’ve written up a short tutorial, which you can find right here: How to create home screen (web clip) icons for your mobile web apps.

One more thing: I’ve noticed much confusion surrounding the differences between native apps and mobile web apps. For those of you still unclear about the differences between the two, here’s a white paper you’ll want to read. It outlines the differences between each mobile app option, and explains why the native approach is usually the wrong choice for business.

Weekly recap: 10 critical ERP upgrade mistakes, evolution of enterprise software, and more…

EducationEvery week, I share the most interesting and useful tech articles that I’ve found over the past week. This week’s top articles focus on critical ERP upgrade mistakes, the evolution of enterprise software, and more. I hope you find them useful:

Evolution of enterprise software
Enterprise applications are changing. Giant, confusing enterprise apps are being replaced with simple, web-based applications. Companies who still use outdated enterprise apps must figure out a way to transition to modern web apps without disrupting business.