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Weekly Recap: Mobile trends of 2015, 3 modernization approaches, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn about 3 approaches to legacy modernization, one way IT can rein in cloud computing while still giving users access to the applications they need, and more.

The CIO can’t afford ignorance of big data tech
A new survey suggests that CIOs still don’t know much about big data. This must change. The CIO can no longer afford to be “the last to know” in a world that depends more and more on data. It’s time for the CIO to get to know their data… and the technologies used to tame it.

3 approaches to application modernization
If your company needs to modernize your legacy systems, what’s the best approach? While this article outlines 3 approaches, here’s a whitepaper which explains the topic in greater detail still: Crash course in modernization.

Time for IT to rein in cloud computing control
It was fun while it lasted, as developers and business units had their day of unfettered access to public cloud resources. But now, it’s time for IT to take back control. How can IT give users the self-service cloud tools they need, while still retaining control of the data and user access? Here’s a brief paper that answers that question, along with other challenges facing IT departments.

4 mobile trends of 2015
2014 was the year that mobile stopped being the next big thing and became THE BIG THING. What’s next? Where is mobile heading in the coming year? Or, more importantly…how can it boost your bottom line?