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Weekly Recap: Pros and cons of shadow BI, application development complexity, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn 5 areas to consider when selecting an ERP system, why users bypass traditional BI systems, how to best manage big data projects, and more.

The pros and cons of shadow BI
When business users become frustrated by their current BI software (or lack thereof), what happens? They turn to outside software, or create their own — a process known as “Shadow BI.” What reasons lead to this point, and how can you identify shadow IT in your own organization?

7 big data management best practices for your IT playbook
Big data projects are well underway in many companies. But, we are only beginning to see how IT management best practices for big data can be plugged into IT playbooks.

5 considerations for selecting an ERP system
Selecting and deploying an ERP system is a huge decision–one that could greatly damage a company if the project goes south. How can you select the right ERP for your company? Or, perhaps a more important question: How do you customize it to fit your needs, without locking your business into a single platform or version?

App development: Getting more complex
As application development evolves, it’s becoming increasingly complex. The growth of mobile combined with the rise of internet-connected things only makes development more difficult. How can you address these evolving development challenges, without constantly bringing in new staff?