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Application security is a losing battle. Here’s why.

EducationSummary: Cyberattacks are increasing. Attacks are more sophisticated and frequent than ever. Yet, application security still lags behind. Year after year, security continues to be a losing battle. Why?

In a recent article, we explored some reasons why businesses still struggle with application security. Why do applications contain the same security mistakes year after year?

One of the most important reasons mentioned in that article: Many businesses assume application security in the developer’s job. Of course, that’s in addition to everything else they do–and the fact that businesses regularly impose tight deadlines on development projects.

Now, let’s consider their opponents. They’re up against hackers who spend all of their time figuring out how to attack web applications. That’s all they do. No tight deadlines. No juggling multiple projects. Their full-time job is attacking web applications.

Consider those odds for a second. The modern developer is in charge of application development and maintenance. They’re asked to meet tight deadlines. They’re expected to troubleshoot application issues. And–oh by the way–they’re asked to secure applications against professional hackers.

Is it any wonder why application security is a losing battle? Can we really expect developers to know the ins and outs of an ever-evolving security landscape, while keeping up with their endless to-do list? Can we really expect them to compete against those who devote their lives to exploiting security vulnerabilities? Of course not!

So, what’s the answer? How can your business create applications that address the top security risks…without placing the burden on developers? We’ve created a new paper that answers this very question, which you can find right here: Solving the Top 10 Application Security Threats.

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