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The huge trend that no one is talking about

Save MoneyThe cloud may get all of the press these days, but are companies actually doing anything about it? Probably not as much as the press would have you believe. I recently spoke with an IT professional at a large company about that very subject. When asked if his company had any plans for the cloud, his response was simple and straightforward: “Our whole business runs on the mainframe, and it runs well. Why would we move to the cloud?”

While it’s just one company, and one opinion, I get the feeling that many businesses are in a similar situation. There are many, many companies that have invested so much time and money into their current systems, they couldn’t possibly justify ditching everything and moving to the cloud any time soon.

That begs the obvious question: If these companies are stuck with old systems, how can they possibly keep up with tech trends? What if they want modern features and capabilities that aren’t supported by their outdated system?

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Could a cloud PET teach your old ERP system new tricks?
Many businesses have invested so much money and time in their current ERP system, they’re not going to replace it with a cloud-based solution any time soon. But, that doesn’t mean that they can’t take advantage of the latest technology. Analysts predict that traditional ERP systems will be enhanced with bolt-on web applications to lets them address modern business needs.