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mrc Partners with Splice Machine to Improve Application Development over Hadoop

EducationSummary: We’ve recently partnered with Splice Machine, creators of the only Hadoop RDBMS! Learn what this partnership means to IT leaders and CIOs, and how it can help you address strategic challenges facing your company. Also, visit the demo site to see this partnership in action.

Partnering Opportunities . . .

AnnouncementWe are looking for a few good companies who want to help us help them to make this world a better and more productive place through the creative application of m-Power in the business world.

Could you be what we are looking for? There is only one way to find out. Jot me an email describing how we might work together to achieve our common goals.

There is no formula here. You don’t have to be in a particular industry. You can be a consultant, but you don’t have to be. You can be an application software company, but that’s not mandatory. You can be into Business Intelligence, or end user report writing, or web application development, or application modernization, government consulting, or any number of things.

Are you a company that can help us profitably spread the productivity benefits of m-Power throughout the world? This document outlines a few partnership benefits, and there are also lots of good strategy reasons you might be interested.

If you sell an application or wish to develop an application to sell with m-Power, our pricing is as straight forward as it can be. There are no seat licenses, run-times, or distribution fees to worry about.

So, if this is something you might want to explore, send me an email with your thoughts: