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Month: January 2015

7 big questions that BI can help you answer

EducationSummary: We’ve all heard the generic BI benefits: BI improves decision making. It puts data at your fingertips. It helps you answer critical business questions. Those are all great, but…how will it help your company? What specific questions can it help you answer? While the answer varies by company, here are 7 common questions that BI can help your business answer.

Free webinar: Instant mobile solutions for existing systems

EducationSummary: As mobile usage continues to explode, businesses face a growing problem: They’re tied to legacy systems that pre-date smartphones. How can these businesses take advantage of the growing mobile trend without replacing their whole system? If you’re struggling with this problem, join us for a free webinar and learn how to bring instant mobile solutions to your existing systems.

7 keys to building dashboards for the C-Suite

EducationSummary: Businesses have access to more data than ever before. But, is this data actually helping business leaders make more informed decisions? In many cases, the answer is “No.” Why? Far too few businesses actually capitalize on their data. In this article, you’ll learn how effective dashboards will help your executives capitalize on your data, as well as tips for building dashboards that work.