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Infographic — The TAO of Enterprise Mobility: Technologies, Affordances, and Organizational Change

EducationSummary: How can your business capitalize on mobile? This infographic helps you answer that question, explaining how you can combine mobile affordances into business solutions. To learn more, you can download the full infographic here.

In previous articles, we’ve explored many different ways that mobile can help a business.

For example, this article lists 6 ways that mobile apps can boost the bottom line. Here’s another article that explains how other companies are extending their current systems to mobile devices–with great results. Here’s yet another article listing 4 great examples of mobile apps improving business.

Yet, despite all of the examples, many businesses still struggle with the same question: How can mobile help OUR business? They see all of the other ways that businesses are capitalizing on mobile, but haven’t found a good way to use mobile to their advantage.

What’s the answer? Sometimes it helps to break things down. What capabilities does a smartphone provide, and how can we combine those to our advantage?

Go-With-Float-LogoOur friends over at Float have recently created a nice infographic which helps you answer that question. It approaches mobile from the angle of affordances, which are qualities or features of an object that allows an individual to perform an action. It highlights a few ways you can combine these affordances to create solutions for your business. When you approach mobile from this angle, the possibilities are virtually endless. You can read all about it in the infographic, which is included below.


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    awesome infographics. Most of people are using mobile Apps for easy communication (world, wide, web) with each other. People are getting any kind of information through Apps, like Health, Industry, Education, Business, Travel, etc. Spending a little time in Apps to get an information, you can easily get more info out of expected you mind. Thank you very much, your mobility update.

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